That Night, I Tried to Strangle Romeo In His Sleep

I’m a romantic. There, I admitted it. I hate a lot of things, and there are very few things I do love, but when I do I give it everything I’ve got no matter what (which explains my unwavering devotion to Lost, even after the first season). I have no idea why, although I’m sure the sheer amount of Bryan Adams I was exposed to as a child, courtesy of my father, could have something to do with it. But earlier this week as I sat on the train hungover and sipping burnt coffee I realised something that Canada’s favourite son could never teach me. Love is the ultimate paradox. Never will you find something that is both selfless and yet is used so selfishly. Continue reading


Trying To Get Perspective

Earlier this week I received some horrible news; Bluejuice, the beloved Australian band and all round cool dudes, were calling it quits. Needless to say I was gutted to find out that Bluejuice were breaking up, this band has filled my life with a lot of joy and now their time was ending. Like any self-respecting young man would do in this situation, I took to Twitter to voice my grievances. And then I saw this and instantly felt like an idiot. Continue reading